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“Keyword research went from one day to 2 minutes”


“Reduced CPL by 25% for my clients & scaled my agency”

Generate YouTube Keyword Suggestions  for YouTube SEO, Video Ideas & YouTube Ads

YouTube keyword tool screenshot with annotations
1. Enter your seed keyword

Use short keywords here otherwise you’ll limit suggestions (all your keyword results will contain your seed keyword and its variations)

2. Choose your country / language
3. Hit search

The default settings will return the most popular suggestions (up to 10). To get many more keywords use either Alphabetical mode or Deep mode.

Deep Mode

Turn this on if you want to drill down and get more keyword variations on the most popular keyword suggestions

Alphabetical mode

Turn this on if you want the widest and largest list of YouTube keywords


Discover keywords to reach your target audience on YouTube

Uncover YouTube keywords to help you get more views on your videos and grow your channel by making content your audience is actually searching for. 


Actionable YouTube keyword ideas

Find keywords your audience is searching for on YouTube

Flexible search options

3 Search modes for different applications: Deep, Alphabetical or Default search modes for focused, wide or top 10 results respectively.

Filter your keywords

Quick column filters or more advanced filters above the results where you can include or exclude keywords using +[keyword] or -[keyword]

Get insights on your keyword list

Big list of keywords? Use ‘Word Counter’ to find the words that appear most often, filter by phrase length and frequency. Super insightful when you’re using multiple seed keywords.

YouTube keyword tool illustration

Use Adzoola’s ‘Force of 5’ to get keywords for YouTube

#1 The top 10 most popular YouTube keyword suggestions

YouTube Keyword Tool

Using the default search settings you’ll get the most popular keywords people are searching on YouTube that contain your seed keyword.

✅ Default settings returns the top most popular keyword suggestions (up to 10 per keyword).
✅ Why just 10 keyword suggestions? You can get more with the other methods below but we do this by default so you can clearly see the most popular keywords searched by YouTube users. Note: There is no source for YouTube search volume and, unlike other software, we don’t believe in showing fake numbers
✅ See what people actually search for on YouTube
✅ Always up to date YouTube autocomplete suggestions 
✅ Get Google autocomplete suggestions too (click the icon in search area to change your selection)

Tip: Use short keywords because your YouTube keyword suggestions will contain your initial keyword in full and in the exact word order you used.

#2 Deep mode: Get more keyword variations on the most popular YouTube searches

Enable ‘Deep’ mode before your search to get long-tail YouTube keyword variations based on the initial most popular searches around your seed keyword.

✅ Enable ‘Deep’ mode to get more longer tail suggestions.
✅ Get up to 100 focused, relevant YouTube keyword variations for each seed keyword (upgrade to enter multiple seed keywords at once).
✅ Click on the magnifying glass icon on any of the suggested keywords to get more variations on that specific term. You can even switch the mode before doing this so you get results based on the mode you’ve set.

#3 Alphabetical mode: Get the broadest, largest set of YouTube searched keywords

Enable ‘Alphabetical’ mode before your search to get the largest and broadest list of YouTube keyword suggestions.

This isn’t enabled by default because it’s the largest set of keywords which means it will include keywords that may be less relevant or even not relevant at all.

Use this to get the most suggestions for YouTube keywords when you’re not concerned with the most popular, just the biggest number of keywords.

✅ Enable ‘Alphabetical’ mode to get YouTube autocomplete keyword suggestions for [your keyword] + [a, b, c etc..], cycling through all the letters of the alphabet to cast the net wider than the other two keyword search modes.
✅ Get 1000+ YouTube keyword variations for each seed keyword (upgrade to enter multiple seed keywords at once).
✅ See and understand the full keyword landscape on YouTube around your search term.
✅ Great for finding negative keywords you can use in keyword targeted YouTube campaigns.

#4 Use Google to suggest keywords for YouTube? Yes!

Try coming at YouTube keyword research from a different angle… Google searches.

There’s plenty of video views to be grabbed from Google.

With the Suggested Keywords tool (the first in the horizontal list above the search area) you can get either YouTube or Google autocomplete keyword suggestions.

Plus, all the other tools you see alongside ‘Suggested Keywords’ will give you Google keywords.

✅Use the Suggested Keywords tool (the one you’ve been using to get YouTube keywords) but instead of YouTube, click the YouTube icon and select Google instead.
✅Related Searches = The keyword suggestions you get at the bottom of a Google search result page.
✅ Similar Keywords = Long tail variations containing your search query in any word order.
✅ Keyword Ideas = Like Google’s Keyword Planner. It treats all seed keywords as a group and gives quite (or very) broad keyword suggestions.
✅ Keywords for Domains = Get keywords a domain or page ranks for.
✅ Domains Intersection = Find common keywords 2 or more websites rank for.
✅ Upgrade to add search criteria to all keyword tools (except ‘Suggested Keywords’). Add pre-search criteria like ‘I only want to see keywords for which Google shows videos in the search results’. That way you can find keywords that could get you views on your YouTube videos from Google searches.

#5 The “secret” way to get YouTube keywords (keywords from titles)

“Traditional” YouTube keyword tools are great and they have their place still (for now!). But Adzoola has another way to help you get popular keywords that’s not based on a keyword tool…

We can analyze YouTube’s search results to see what popular videos use in their video titles.

You can do this in two ways using Adzoola’s Video Search tool:

1. Search your chosen keyword in Video Search, filter the results as necessary, click Get results > Get video titles > Click to remove all special characters > Edit titles into keywords. Here’s a video I made for one of Adzoola’s members that shows you how to quickly turn video titles into keywords:

Loom video preview of member advice for YouTube ads with no impressions

2.Search your chosen keywords in Video Search (best with multiple seed keywords) > Click ‘Word Counter’ > Select min phrase length (try 2 or 3) > Select Max phrase length (try 4 to 6) > Select Min Word Frequency (try 3)> Click ‘Count’. Now you’ll see common phrases among the video titles in the results. You can select to show associated data with each word or phrase (select ‘Statistic’ for Views, Likes, Comments or Occurrence).

Note: You’ll get the best insights when you use more than one keyword in the search. Upgrade to enable that feature.

Adzoola’s keyword tool was built to save you wasting valuable hours

  • Use multiple seed keywords, domains or pages
  • Save result filters to apply them to any results instantly
  • Save pre-search filters to apply them to any search
  • Delete or hide keywords to make it your keyword list
  • Add each new search to your existing results
  • Get more suggestions for a keyword in just one click

Not just a keyword tool…

10 ways Adzoola takes your YouTube ads to the next level on 

Complete research in seconds:

Get up to 1,000 search results for keywords, videos, channels, or websites and start filtering instantly

Test, optimize and scale faster:

Specifically designed to help launch profitable and scalable Google and YouTube Ad campaigns.

Uncover new audiences:

Find super-relevant targeting suggestions to save $1,000s in ad spend by reaching high-intent audiences

All-in-one research tool:

One easy-to-use platform to replace multiple clunky tools

Find "hidden" videos:

Access hidden ‘suggested videos’ your competitors won’t find (and 3x your views)

Get better results for clients:

Find relevant and hyper-targeted keywords for media buying, SERP and audience research

Unlock the power of YouTube ads:

Finally launch high-intent profitable YouTube ad campaigns to scale to new audiences fast

See high intent placements:

Find videos with high relevance to create more profitable YouTube ad campaigns (audiences no one else is using!)

Boost campaign conversions:

Find high-intent audiences that convert better and boost your ROAS

Get the competitive edge:

Discover highly targeted keywords and placements no one else is using (and slash your CPA)

Frequently asked questions

Can I get YouTube search volume?

You may have seen other keywords tools for YouTube that show what they call ‘search volume’. Unfortunately this is not YouTube search volume at all. Usually they give Google search volume and just label it as ‘YouTube search volume’.

Google (who owns YouTube) does provide search volume for Google searches but doesn’t provide any kind of search volume data for YouTube. 

The best way to see the popularity of a keyword is to use Adzoola’s video targeting tool called Video Search. You can search a keyword and get the results from YouTube along with a sum of the number of views on the videos in the results. Use that number as a proxy for popularity.

What do I get in the full version?

You’re currently using a limited version of Keyword Search, a full-blown keyword research suite with 7 keyword research tools in one.

Join Adzoola to unlock and experience all the features.

  • Remove captcha
  • Unlock the 30 second limit on subsequent searches
  • Get results for multiple keywords in one search (huge time-saver)
  • Unlock Research mode, which allows you to accumulate results from each search without losing your previous one.
  • Unlock full results for all keyword tools: Get up to 1000 results per keyword search
  • Set powerful search pre-search filter criteria to discover ‘hidden’ keywords
  • Use country and language options
  • Save search results for 30 days
  • Create projects to organise and store results
  • Copy the full results including statistics
  • Save multiple filter profiles

When you sign up, you’ll also get access to Adzoola’s other tools for digital marketers:

  • SERP Competitors to find websites in your market
  • Web Search to see live SERP results almost anywhere in the World.
  • Video Search (our YouTube placement targeting tool): Find YouTube videos & channels for where you can research topic ideas for new videos.
  • Channel Explorer to analyse YouTube channel content.

How do I access the full version?

You can sign up here. Create your Adzoola account, choose your plan and unlock all the features, like entering multiple seed keywords at once which will save you time and give you more insights.

You’ll also be able to use ‘Research mode’ which allows you to accumulate results from each search without losing your previous one. So you can build your own custom YouTube keyword list.

How much is it?

Some keyword research tools charge $299+ per month for fewer features and functionality.

Not only that, you’ll also get access to our YouTube video research tools, which you’ll need as a ‘T-shaped marketer’ and media buyer.

You can get full access to Adzoola’s Keyword Search tool (and YouTube video research tools) for $99/month.

The annual plan is an even better deal right now because it works out less per month for more features (details below).

For advanced, multi-disciplinary media buyers and marketers you should choose the ‘Web and Video plan.

It includes Keyword Search, YouTube video research tools, SERP competitor research and Live SERP tools at just $149/month.

You can also get a huge discount by taking the annual plan (currently just $997) which equates to $83.