Free YouTube Video Placement Targeting Tool

YouTube Placement Targeting with Google Ads

There are two main use-cases for Adzoola’s Video Search.

  1. YouTube Ads: Finding videos and channels you can target in your YouTube ad campaigns. Video Search by Adzoola is a YouTube ads placement targeting tool.
  2. Researching topics for your next YouTube video.

As a media buyer you’re already familiar with what placement targeting is, so you can skip to the next section! In case you aren’t aware, YouTube placement targeting is the most specific targeting method you can use to target people with YouTube ads.

It’s also the most targeted you can get on any social media platform of a similar size (if you see YouTube as social media).

With placement targeting you can choose to show your ad on (or around) specific individual YouTube videos or channels.

It’s often said in marketing that you want to reach right audience with the right message at the right time. That’s what YouTube placement targeting allows you to do.

It means you can:

🎯 Target a very specific audience with high relevance and intent.
📈 Get a high return on ad spend (ROAS).
👨‍🔬 Test and learn on a small scale.
🎛️ Have maximum control over where your ad shows.
🪙 See ROI positive results even with small budgets.

Why a YouTube Placement Targeting Tool?


Finding YouTube videos and channels to target was a slow, manual task. Only those who could spare the time to trawl through YouTube’s results would even create a placement campaign.

For Google Ads agency execs (like you?) finding the time to set up a YouTube placement targeted campaign doing it that way would be a challenge. But with Video Search, you can get hundreds of results across multiple keywords in seconds. In a few more seconds you can sort, filter and remove until you have the videos you want.

Ease of use

You can use multiple keywords in one search. Adzoola will de-duplicate videos appearing for multiple keywords and show you which keywords they appear for and sort by visibility.

Delete any video, or multiple videos, in the result quickly.

Extract and view data quickly

  • Get the video URLs (all, filtered or selected) in an instant for your placement targeting.
  • Get the video titles at the click of a button (you can edit these and use them as keywords)
  • Get stats on the channel that posted the video by expanding the row or see the channels tab.

Filtering capabilities

You have lots of filter options to narrow the results. And the results update instantly.

Tap into YouTube’s suggested videos

With the ‘Related by video’ and ‘Related by keyword’ tools you can get videos YouTube suggests are related to the video or keyword you enter. Really powerful to expand on a regular keyword search.

Interesting fact: Suggested videos get 70%+ of the watch time on YouTube.

Finding YouTube Placements with Video Search

For a video walk through of how to use Video Search, click the ‘How it works’ link next to the tool. It’s split up into chapters for each of the four tools in Video Search.

Here are a few brief instructions to get you started:


How to find placements in YouTube’s search results

  1. Enter a keyword
  2. Choose your options: Publish date | Order of results | Number of results | Country | Language (I usually leave these as they are unless I have a specific reason not to)
  3. Click search
  4. Filter your results with the many instantly updating filters.
  5. Click ‘Get results’ and choose whether you want all or just the filtered or just ones you selected.
  6. Click ‘Copy to clipboard’.

Now you’re ready to place them in your video campaign’s placement targeting area in Google Ads.

You can use multiple keywords in one search in the full version.

Your Questions Answered

I heard Google Ads removed placement, keyword and topic targeting options from YouTube ads, is that true?

Yes and no.

The bottom line is, you can still set up YouTube ad campaigns targeting placements, keywords and topics. Full details in our post: YouTube Ads Targeting Options Removed? You’ll find out what’s happened and you’ll see how you can still use placement, keyword & topic targeting on YouTube.

Can I get results for my country / language?

Absolutely! Enter the keyword in your language and the results will be relevant to your search even in the free version. You can sign up to the full version and you’ll be able to select your preferred country and language. Just know these are preferences, just as you’re searching YouTube in your chosen country and language.

How do I access the full version?

You can sign up here. Create your account, choose your plan and start creating targeted campaign (or scaling to new audiences).

What do I get in the full version?

  • No more captcha!
  • No more 30 second limit on subsequent searches
  • Get results for multiple keywords in one search
  • Get up to 1000+ results per keyword
  • Use multiple videos or keywords for related searches
  • Unlock full related search results
  • Use more than 1 seed video in the Related by keyword tool
  • Use country and language options
  • Save search results for 30 days
  • Create projects to organise and store results
  • Copy the full results including statistics
  • Save multiple filter profiles

And that’s just for Video Search!

You can also get access to Adzoola’s other tools for media buyers:

  • Keyword Search: A full-blown keyword research suite with 7 keyword research tools in one. Get autocomplete suggestions, long tail, related searches, more keyword ideas, keywords from category searches and keywords domains and pages are ranking or paying for. As a media buyer you won’t need any other keyword tools.
  • Channel Explorer to analyse or get videos from channels.
  • SERP Competitors to find websites in your market. You can use these for a Custom Segment in Google Ads. Or you could find sites in your market to then pass over to Keyword Search to find the keywords they rank or pay for in Google.
  • Web Search to see the SERP landscape

Why can't I see which videos show ads?

Adzoola doesn’t show which channel or videos show ads.  This is not because we can’t, it’s a deliberate choice for your benefit.

If you’re using Adzoola to find videos or channels to target with YouTube ads, it’s best practice to add any channel or video you think relevant – even if you knew they aren’t showing ads right now.

YouTube doesn’t provide this data and Adzoola is developed using data directly from YouTube.

In November 2020 YouTube made a change to their terms for YouTube creators.

“ads can now appear on videos from channels not in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), and we will begin gradually placing ads on brand safe videos.”

It means, unless a channel has deliberately chosen to turn off ads on their channel, YouTube can show ads on any video on any channel. This opens up a huge number of opportunities that you could miss out on if you try to exclude videos that apparently don’t show ads.