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Discover keywords you’d never think of (in just seconds)

Uncover platform specific keywords on YouTube and Google to build new campaigns, custom segments, and do market research. You can even get ideas for your content marketing.


Endless keyword ideas

A full-blown keyword research suite with 7 ways to get keywords. Each unique.

Uncover “hidden” keywords

Get suggestions for multiple ‘seed’ keywords in one search. You’ll even discover highly relevant, profitable keyword suggestions you’d never think of

Spy on competitors

Find competitors in your space, see the keywords they pay for, rank for, or have in common – even down to the page level

“I found keywords that I never found with any other tools. They don’t contain the seed keyword and aren’t obvious!”
Den Kara, Optimal PPC

Adzoola’s ‘power 7’ keyword tools the world’s best media buyers love

#1 Google & YouTube Autocomplete Keyword Suggestions

Google and YouTube Suggest Keyword Tool

Get relevant keyword suggestions on variations and long-tail keywords from autocomplete suggestions

This tool helps you:

✅ Find ‘autocomplete’ keywords
✅ For YouTube and Google (click the icon in search area to change your selection)
✅ Default settings returns up to 10 suggestions per keyword.
✅ Enable ‘Deep’ to get more longer tail suggestions.
✅ Or enable ‘Alphabetical’ to get as many suggestions as possible.

Tip: Use short keywords because it will only suggest keywords that contain your query – in that order.

#2 Related Keyword Searches from the SERP

Google Related Searches Keyword Tool

Google already reveals searches related to a keyword you search for (or your target audience does). Scroll to the bottom of a Google SERP (search engine result page) and you’ll see searches related to what you’ve just searched. Usually you’ll get 8 suggestions, which you can click to search that phrase.

Imagine being able to harness this insightful data to help you understand what your target audience is interested in around your initial keywords, that you don’t yet know about. Or aren’t yet targeting with your ads or your content marketing.

Now, with Adzoola, you can go up to 4 levels deep into related searches. That means the related searches of the related searches, twice. Or, because each keyword usually gets up to 8 related searches, 4 levels deep is 8 x 8 x 8 x 8. 

And to go even further you can use multiple seed keywords in your search. So you could do keyword research on 3 keywords and go 4 deep on each 8x8x8x8x3 ! 

That’s a lot of potential ideas for your next campaign.

✅ Get keywords the SERPs suggest are related to your query.
✅ Discover keywords people search up or downstream and around your query.
✅ Each SERP returns 8 related searches. Set ‘Depth layers’ to dive deeper (up to 4 levels of related searches).

#3 Long tail keywords and similar keyword modifiers

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Every now and then you want to find all the variations around a keyword or two so you can see sub-topics and longer tail keywords. This is the tool to do that.

You’ll get keyword suggestions that contain your seed keyword(s), in any word order.

✅ Get up to 1,000 keyword variations around your seed keyword.
✅ See the keyword modifiers, topics and interests within your keyword set.
✅ Find those pesky, irrelevant keyword modifiers to add to your negative keyword list in your Google Ads campaigns.

#4 Keyword ideas (Google Keyword Planner Alternative)

Keyword Ideas Tool - Google Keyword Planner Alternative

This is Adzoola’s alternative to the Google Keyword Planner.

Get general keyword ideas around a keyword, or group of keywords like Google’s Keyword Planner.

✅ Use multiple keywords to get suggestions based on the group as a whole.
✅ Choose to get closely related keywords or a broader search.
✅ Prioritise relevance (default) or search volume for your results. 

#5 Category keyword suggestions

Market Category Keyword Research Tool

Have you ever wanted to find keywords in your market but didn’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you feel blinkered and stuck with the same old keywords you’ve always used?

Try getting keywords based on your chosen categories. Choose ‘Keywords for Category’ in Adzoola’s keyword tool and start typing. You’ll  choose from 3,180 market, product and interest categories.

Enable intersection option to get keywords across more than one category.

✅ Get unstuck: Move away from using the same old keywords you always use.
✅ With 3,180 keyword categories to choose from your market is likely covered by multiple categories!
✅ Find keywords for multiple categories in one search or use the intersection option to find keywords common across categories.

#6 Keywords a website or page ranks (or pays) for

Keyword tool to find keywords a domain or page ranks for

Often used by SEOs but less by media buyers, with this tool you’ll get the keywords a domain ranks for in Google.

✅ Enter your chosen domain(s) or page(s) and you’ll get keywords they rank for on Google.
✅ Use multiple domains or pages in one search to save time and group results. 
✅ You can even try it for pages, like amazon product or category pages.
✅ Get keywords a domain has paid for by using the pre-search filter

You’ll also get the ranking page URL along with the title and description shown in the SERP. And of course it’s actual rank.

#7 Ranking keywords domains or pages have in common (intersecting keywords)

Keyword tool to find intersecting keywords across domains

Want to poll your competitors to see which keywords they value the most? 

Scratch that. Let’s just see the keywords 2 or more of your competitors have in common. That’s what this tool does. 

✅ See the keywords your competitors have in common.
✅ Enter more than one domain, get keywords they both rank for.
✅ You can even get common, or intersecting, keywords across individual pages. Perfect for looking at 2 or more competitor product, category or pillar pages.
✅ See, sort and filter by data like SERP rank.

Turn on ‘individual’ mode to get keywords for each domain without looking for keywords both domains rank for.

You’ll also get the ranking page URLs along with the title and description shown in the SERP for each domain.

8 Reasons Media Buyers love Adzoola’s keyword research tools

Adzoola’s keyword tool was built to save you wasting valuable hours

  • Use multiple seed keywords, domains or pages
  • Save result filters to apply them to any results instantly
  • Save pre-search filters to apply them to any search
  • Delete or hide keywords to make it your keyword list
  • Add each new search to your existing results
  • Get more suggestions for a keyword in just one click

10 ways Adzoola takes your media buying to the next level on Google & YouTube Ads

Complete research in seconds:

Get up to 1,000 search results for keywords, videos, channels, or websites and start filtering instantly

Test, optimize and scale faster:

Specifically designed to help launch profitable and scalable Google and YouTube Ad campaigns.

Uncover new audiences:

Find super-relevant targeting suggestions to save $1,000s in ad spend by reaching high-intent audiences

All-in-one research tool:

One easy-to-use platform to replace multiple clunky tools

Find "hidden" videos:

Access hidden ‘suggested videos’ your competitors won’t find (and 3x your views)

Get better results for clients:

Find relevant and hyper-targeted keywords for media buying, SERP and audience research

Unlock the power of YouTube ads:

Finally launch high-intent profitable YouTube ad campaigns to scale to new audiences fast

See high intent placements:

Find videos with high relevance to create more profitable YouTube ad campaigns (audiences no one else is using!)

Boost campaign conversions:

Find high-intent audiences that convert better and boost your ROAS

Get the competitive edge:

Discover highly targeted keywords and placements no one else is using (and slash your CPA)

Frequently asked questions

What do I get in the full version?

You’re currently using a limited version of Keyword Search, a full-blown keyword research suite with 7 keyword research tools in one.

Join Adzoola to unlock and experience all the features.

  • Remove captcha
  • Unlock the 30 second limit on subsequent searches
  • Unlock full results: Get up to 1000 results per keyword search
  • Get results for multiple keywords in one search
  • Powerful search filters to discover ‘hidden’ keywords
  • Use country and language options
  • Save search results for 30 days
  • Create projects to organise and store results
  • Copy the full results including statistics
  • Save multiple filter profiles

When you sign up, you’ll also get access to Adzoola’s other tools for media buyers:

  • SERP Competitors to find websites in your market
  • Web Search to see live SERP results almost anywhere in the World.
  • Video Search (our YouTube placement targeting tool): Find YouTube videos & channels for placement targeting
  • Channel Explorer to analyse or get videos from channels

How do I access the full version?

You can sign up here. Create your account, choose your plan and start creating targeted campaigns (or scaling to new audiences).

How much is it?

Some keyword research tools charge $299+ per month for fewer features and functionality.

Not only that, you’ll also get access to our YouTube video research tools, which you’ll need as a ‘T-shaped marketer’ and media buyer.

You can get full access to Adzoola’s Keyword Search tool (and YouTube video research tools) for $99/month.

The annual plan is an even better deal right now because it works out less per month for more features (details below).

For advanced, multi-disciplinary media buyers and marketers you should choose the ‘Web and Video plan.

It includes Keyword Search, YouTube video research tools, SERP competitor research and Live SERP tools at just $149/month.

You can also get a huge discount by taking the annual plan (currently just $997) which equates to $83.