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Launch & Scale Winning YouTube Ads Using The Pyramid Targeting Technique

Even if you’ve failed before, think it’s too time consuming or even have no video assets yet

Double conversions from YouTube Ads

Your results may vary

Get the proven methodology to launch low risk, high reward YouTube ads

The YouTube Ads Pyramid Targeting Technique

The Pyramid Targeting Technique: A visual model showing a proven methodology for launching and scaling profitable YouTube ads

I’ve developed a 4-stage launch and scale framework that’s foolproof when you use it alongside the scenario testing calculator (one of the accompanying resources you’ll get, more on that later).

Whatever stage you’re currently at with YouTube ads you can use this framework to start and scale profitably (or aggressively).

You can even use it to restart or turnaround failed YouTube Ad campaigns.

Here`s what you`ll discover on this exclusive live training:

The only step-by-step method that works like levels in a game. Follow along and you’ll win (or save you from big losses)

Accelerate your ability to launch profitable campaigns in a shorter time

How to avoid the broad targeting trap of “feast and famine” caused by building on unstable foundations

Know exactly which targeting method to use, when and with which campaign sub-types.

How to do targeting research 2-3x faster


Important notice: As a media buyer you’ve likely heard changes are coming to the targeting options for YouTube ads targeting.

There’s a huge misconception around this, which I’ll debunk on the training.

Bottom line: You still need to research and use targeting

Discover targeting to reach your ideal audience, scale your campaigns, and get better results for you or your clients.

How to find and target the most profitable audiences on YouTube so you can get more clicks, conversions and sales (it’s way easier than you think)

How to find competitors in your space (and see EXACTLY what they are targeting)

Uncover targeting NO ONE else is using to cut your CPA fast

How to find high-intent audiences that convert better and boost your ROAS

Avoid losing thousands from  incorrect setup

YouTube Ads is not just one campaign.

It’s unique compared to every other campaign type in Google Ads.

That’s why it is so easy to set up a YouTube ads campaign that, best case, doesn’t hit your goals and worst case wastes you thousands.

But it’s simple once you know how the Pyramid Targeting Technique fits into the YouTube campaign subtypes.

YouTube Ads Campaign Subtypes

A visual map showing all video ad campaign subtypes, bid strategies, ad types and networks

Learn the right set up for your goals from the 3 networks, 6 bid strategies, 6 ad types, and 6 campaign subtype options YouTube ads gives you

Launch low risk, high ROI campaigns to test the water before scaling or just as an incremental campaigns that can subsidize new tests.

How you can leverage YouTube without a video! A super-fast way to use YouTube like Facebook.

What’s missing from most YouTube ads that kills conversion rates – you may as well burn your money!

The counter-intuitive way to create campaigns from the start that make them insanely profitable (these simple campaigns can be setup in 15 minutes or less!)

The secret tool you can use to create super targeted campaigns that eliminates wasted ad spend so you can boost ROAS and results instantly

Plus, you’ll also discover the benchmark guide and sweet spots for any YouTube ad campaign… CPV, CPC, VR & CTR so you know exactly when you’ve got a winning campaign on your hands

See what other media buyers achieved after I shared my methodology with them

Every time they tried to scale they hit a wall

In this first case they came to me because they had hit a ceiling with their YouTube ads.

They were doing well. Spending $20,000 a month on YouTube ads profitably.

But every time they tried to tried break through that ceiling, it became unprofitable.

And they had to cut back again.

I shared my approach with their team. The exact same things you’ll learn on this training.

This is what happened…

...conversions more than DOUBLED (2.7x)

2.7X increase in conversions

Your results may vary

“More sales please…oh, and at a higher ROAS

In this next case, an experienced ecommerce and media buying veteran came to me wanting to increase his sales and ROAS.

He was already running ads on Facebook, Google and YouTube and was profitable. But he wanted a bit more direction with YouTube ads so he could get more sales and, if possible, increase his ROAS.

Scaling while increasing ROAS usually don’t go together well.

But this is what happened after applying my methodology…

...sales and revenue QUADRUPLED

YouTube ads 300% increase in conversions

Your results may vary

“YouTube ads aren’t working any more… help!

This educator/coach came to me having had success with YouTube ads in the past but was now struggling.

In December and January the cost per conversion was way too high and conversions were too low.

I spoke with them in early February. I spotted a few things in one call, which was less than 45 minutes, and you can see what happened. They…

started getting lots more conversions & slashed CPA by more than HALF

YouTube ads conversion growth

Your results may vary

5-Part live training on the proven methodology to launch low risk, high ROI YouTube ads

Session #1 – 17th April 2023
The Pyramid Targeting Technique

The YouTube Ads Pyramid Targeting Technique

The visual model that guides you from start to scale with each new client, campaign or offer

What you need & how to start: Building a rock-solid foundation

In this session, you’ll learn how to approach YouTube ads so you have the highest chance of success and minimize risk (spending too much before you know if it works).

Even if you’re seasoned and successful with YouTube ads already as an agency, in-house marketer or business owner. You’ll have a model you can apply to any offer. You’ll see how to quickly deploy your offer depending on factors such as budget, target ROI and target audience.

And, let’s get this out the way right now:

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any video assets yet.

Session #1 Action Aid: The Pyramid Targeting Visual Model

The visual model that is the basis for success with YouTube ads

Guides you through the 4 levels of the pyramid

Clearly shows you which targeting to use, when and the pros/cons of each so you can deploy any new offer faster

Session #2 – 18th April 2023
The lost art of targeting research

YouTube ads targeting research applied to the Pyramid Targeting Technique

How to apply the Pyramid Targeting Technique to your targeting research

How to do targeting research 2-3x faster

Firstly, if you’re thinking targeting for YouTube ads is changing, you’re right. But not in the way you think. I’ll get into that.

The point is, you still need to research targeting to reach your audience.

I’ll show you how to uncover your ideal targeting:

From super-specific, highest intent audiences to big, broad, scalable audiences.

Session #2 Action Aid: The secret to finding untapped audience pools

The "secret" tool you can use to create super targeted campaigns that eliminates wasted ad spend so you can boost ROAS and results instantly

Session #3 – 19th April
The critical campaign set up

YouTube Ads Campaign Subtypes

YouTube ads is unlike any other Google ads campaign. Few know how to use it – now you will.

Set up your high-intent YouTube ad campaign for success from the start

Avoid the common mistakes made by even seasoned media buyers that lead to poor results and losing hundreds or thousands of dollars showing to the wrong audience.

Did you know YouTube ads has 6 campaign subtypes?

That’s twice as many as any other campaign in Google Ads (most have none!)

Choosing the right one can be the difference between huge win or embarrassing loss.

I’ll tell you which to use, when and how to set them up.

Session #3 Action Aid: Campaign set up checklist

Step-by-step comprehensive, interactive YouTube campaign set up checklist

What to do, what to check and what to be mindful of when you set up your campaigns

Session #4 – 20th April
Benchmarks, winners, losers and avoiding bumps in the road.

YouTube ads scenario testing calculator funnel costs

Use the scenario calculator to stress test your offer before you launch and turn an unworkable offer into a winning one

Overcome common pitfalls and blockages of your past. Avoid future failures.

How to overcome blockages that lead to saying “I’ve tried YouTube ads and it didn’t work”.

And what to look for to get a temperature on how your campaign is performing:

The benchmark guide and sweet spots for any campaign… CPV, CPC & CTR so you know exactly when you’ve got a winning campaign on your hands or when to cut it and save your dollars.

And the big one…

Never start a new campaign without knowing the numbers you need to hit for it to be a success. 

Session #4 Action Aid: Scenario testing calculator

Test different offers, prices, campaign metrics to see how it will impact your profitability

Know the KPIs / metrics / numbers you need to hit to win with each of your specific clients/campaigns/offers before paying a cent on ads

Session #5 – 21st April
How to create the perfect video ad for YouTube

YouTube Ads Training Video Ad Structure

The ACC YouTube ad outline builder gets you away from the dreaded ‘blank page’ and gets you writing ad outlines in minutes

Use the ACC method to create your video outline in less than 30 minutes

Use this one quick method to create your ad.

Not hundreds of ideas that leave you in a state of overwhelm.

Follow this process and you’ll not only be ahead of your competition but every ad you make will now get a higher response.

Session #5 Action Aid: The ACC video ad builder

Apply the ACC video ad framework using this one sheet

Get your video ad outlines done in less than 30 minutes

Get a simple predicted performance rating for your ad

How this class is refreshingly different from any other

The most up to date training

Google ads makes changes often. These changes directly impact your effectiveness. By doing this training live, you’ll get the most up to date training and avoid bad, out of date advice in blog posts, videos and even some other trainers.

My help when you need it

You won’t be left stuck or abandoned, not knowing what to do. You’ll have time to ask questions directly to me on the calls, so you can get clear direction and focus on taking action.

An intimate class

You’ll be one of a very small group of media buyers.
I’m deliberately keeping this first cohort small – intimate even.

That’s because it’s important to me that I know you by name and can give you specific suggestions or advice.

Get it done!

I would hate for you to have to go through video after video, pages and pages of workbooks, spending hour after hour “in the training” rather than actually getting it done. That’s not what this is. It’s action based and built on a few proven principles, so you can launch more winners, more often.

Meet your instructor for this exclusive live training

Alex King - Your YouTube Ads Course Instructor

More than 14 years of media buying

4-year Degree in Marketingwith industry placement

Founder of Adzoola, as seen inUltimate Guide to Google Ads

Presented By: Alex King

You may not have heard of me before. You may be thinking:

I’ve never heard of you before, but I have heard of [fill in the ‘guru’ you’ve heard of here] – I saw them speak on stage at some conference”.

The reality is they often don’t even know their way around the platform. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say you should dismiss them – they often have sound principles and high level strategies that work.

But is that what you want when you’re trying to do the practical parts, like the actual campaign set up? When even one missed checkbox can lead to a failed campaign? Sounds dramatic but that actually happens (I’ve seen it too many times on consulting calls).

A clear example of this is how the recent YouTube ads targeting changes have been interpreted. Recently you may even have heard or been told by some well-known media buying “experts”, and sources you trust, that the most specific targeting methods for YouTube ads have been taken away (even Search Engine Journal reported it).

It’s not true.

Why are they saying it, then?

Google has announced changes to YouTube ads targeting. If you read the announcement and take it on face value, you may come to the conclusion much of the targeting has been removed.

You see, if they haven’t got the in-depth knowledge of the platform that they get from running campaigns for themselves or clients, they won’t look any further. But fake news spreads fast.

Most of the people you currently see as experts in the field of YouTube ads do not even run their own campaigns – they have other people do it. Why would you get training from them?

In addition to that, any training created in the last 6 to 12 months is already out of date and you’ll likely lose money following that training – simply due to setting up the campaigns in the wrong way. I’ve unfortunately seen this when I’ve been on calls: They set it up wrong because they were following old training.

I’ve been doing this since 2009. And I earned my stripes working with businesses where ROI was not optional. They needed to get a return quickly. If I couldn’t achieve it, they wouldn’t be a client any longer.

Most clients stayed for years. Some for 10+. Some left…

…then came back after others couldn’t achieve the same results.

Now I’m creating software (and training) for media buyers like you to get those kind of results for you or your clients.

I still get to advise media buyers on consulting calls. I show you these not to brag but to show you the kind of person I am, so you know who you’re about to get training from…


Scott Walker says your rather obsessive focus on adding value is incredible

All through my marketing career I have occasionally bumped into someone like you who shows me something that is a game-changer

That’s what a 7 year veteran of YouTube Ads said while on the call

There's only a couple people that I've recommended for YouTube ads and Alex is one of them

Chad Hamzeh, long time media buyer and eComm business owner

You’re 2 minutes away from unlocking the full power YouTube ads with Alex King

    Step 1

Join this live training today along with a small group of similar-minded media buyers who want to nail and scale YouTube ads

    Step 2

Soak up the methodology and plan your own tailored route to results, in less than a week

    Step 3

Start running successful ads on YouTube for you or your roster of clients

Step 1

Join this live training today along with a small group of similar-minded media buyers who want to nail and scale YouTube ads

Step 2

Soak up the methodology and plan your own tailored route to results, in less than a week

Step 3

Start running successful ads on YouTube for you or your roster of clients

Here’s how to get started: Choose your level

This was a live training in April 2023 and is now closed. Missed out? 👇

Get the recordings for 70% less [Limited time at this price]

Become a training member today to master YouTube ads and you’ll also unlock an exclusive member’s only price for Adzoola’s targeting research software (monthly or annual plans).

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60 Day email & Loom support

Audit of your account (video)

1:1 Consultation call with me ($600 value)

One time payment of $1,999

Replays, Action Aids, 60-day support, YouTube ads audit and consultation for just $1,999 $999

My promise when you join

My wife & I, enjoying the spring sun in Cornwall, England. We both want you to join the group training and enjoy what it brings.

My Guarantee

Join at no risk 

I may be new to you but I’m certainly not new to media buying – especially not to Google Ads.

I’m British and as such I’m stereotypically averse to hyping myself up (this page was hard to write). But I do know what I’m talking about and can help people at almost every experience level. 

But I understand if you’re unsure. So here’s how I’m making it an easy decision:

Join for the first class and if you don’t think it’ll be worth 10X your investment, you can quit and get your money back

Apply the principles & training within 90 days, if your results aren’t better get a free consultation with me (worth $600).

If you feel like I’ve let you down or haven’t supported you during the course of the training, get your money back

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have video ads already?

Yes and no.

I will teach a method of reaching people with ads on YouTube that don’t require any video assets at all. You’ll only need images, headlines and descriptions – almost like a Facebook ad!

But I’ve made it easy for you to plan your ad with the ACC ad builder resource you’ll get in this training.

When you have that to work off, you’ll find that it’s easier than you think to create a video ad. And you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

You don’t need a big budget or expensive equipment. Most mobile phones have excellent quality video that will be good enough to get results. I’ll even dive into an example of someone who did this with enormous success.

Is this right for my agency / business?

This is not for you if you’re struggling to get leads or customers on any platform or channel, this is not your silver bullet. But…

If you’re an ad agency, consultant with clients or you’re already getting sales by running ads on other platforms, then ABSOLUTELY yes. This is perfect for you.

If you’re already running ads on YouTube and want to get even more from the platform, this is perfectly suited to you.

Types of businesses YouTube ads can work for:

B2B – Service
B2B – SaaS
Courses / Education / Memberships
Affiliates (best if you’re building your own audience as an affiliate)


I'm new to the Google Ads platform, will this training be above me?

If you’ve never bought ads before, this training is not for you I’m afraid.

But if you’re a media buyer or marketer who is just new to Google Ads and you run ads on other platforms then I’d say you should be able to get up to speed on Google Ads pretty quickly. 

Plus you will get step-by-step instruction on how to set up the main campaigns you’ll need.