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End the dreaded treadmill of constant posting just to get a trickle of views

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Learn the proven way to fast-track your brand’s growth on YouTube

Why you're not getting views
The Slingshot Strategy: A visual model showing a proven, fast-track way to grow a valuable audience on YouTube

I’ve developed a 3-step foolproof strategy that grows your audience at least 10X faster. In fact without it you may not grow at all. That was the position the businesses below were in.

Whatever stage you’re currently at with your YouTube channel, you can use this strategy to start making an impact in your market.

You can even use it to restart growth on your stagnant YouTube channel.

Here’s what you’ll discover on this exclusive training:

How to accelerate your growth on YouTube 20X faster

The only step-by-step method that works without hoping your video(s) will ‘go viral’. Follow the steps and you will see results.
Accelerate your ability to create a fast-growing YouTube channel for you or your agency clients
How to avoid the trap of constantly posting videos only to get a trickle of views
Know exactly which video will fast-track your channel’s growth
How you can change the trajectory of your YouTube channel growth with just one video (and you may even have posted it already)
The model that shows you why you’re not getting the views you deserve and what you can do to change that
How to make YouTube’s algorithm work for you not against you

More views, bigger audience, less work

See what other businesses with YouTube channels achieved using the Video Slingshot Strategy

B2B Consultant’s YouTube Channel was stagnant and declining

They didn’t believe the potential they had to grow their audience “you showed me the potential that I wasn’t seeing”.

They were stuck at around 500 views a month and views were gradually declining.

They were getting just 10 to 20 subscribers each month.

And yet their content was useful, valuable and seemed to deserve more views than they were getting.

I shared my Slingshot Strategy approach with them. The exact same things you’ll learn on this training.

This is what happened…

19x views

10x monthly subscribers

16x monthly new viewers

19x YouTube Views

Your results may vary

“You’re definitely the expert”

Christian was struggling to grow his audience on YouTube for his outdoor apparel & equipment brand.

He was stuck – flatlining at just 200 subscribers

Christian runs an ecommerce store selling outdoor apparel and equipment as well as educational courses.

He knew the importance and influential power of YouTube for selling products and education but his growth on YouTube had flatlined – literally. You can see it below – practically no growth in subscribers to his channel.

He needed a way to bring growth back to life and build an audience that would buy his products.

This is what happened when he applied the Slingshot Strategy…

...7.5x increase in subscribers in just 40 days

7.5x increase in YouTube channel subscribers in 40 days with The Slingshot Strategy

And 80x increase in views in the same period

Client Results from Slingshot Strategy

Your results may vary

“We wouldn’t have had the success on YouTube that we have now without Adzoola and The Slingshot Strategy. For sure.”

3-Part training:
The proven way to grow your audience, influence & sales on YouTube

Step 1
Finding your Slingshot (your foundational growth factor)

Why you're not getting views
The visual model that shows you how to create the perfect Slingshot video for your channel (if you don’t have one already)
In this session, you’ll learn the foundation of the Slingshot Strategy. How even just one video could transform the growth of your channel – and it may even be one you’ve already posted.

You’ll learn how to ensure any future videos you post aren’t a waste of your time and doomed from the start.

Even if you have a channel with a big audience of more than 100,000 subscribers, you’ll use this training to grow your channel faster – you can reach more of your audience without just relying on YouTubes algorithm.

And, let’s get this out the way right now:

Don’t worry if you have only just started your journey on YouTube or if you’re an agency with no previous experience. You’ll come away with a plan and you’ll grow your or your client’s channel faster with what you’ll learn in this training.

Step 2
Preparing your video for maximum impact

Video thumbnails in YouTube search

Maximizing the impact of your videos on your channel’s growth

In this session you’ll learn how to ensure your videos get the views they deserve – whether you’ve already posted them or you’re working on new ones.

Small tweaks can make a world of difference. And they don’t have to involve much time or effort.

I’ll show you the tweaks and techniques that’ll maximize your video’s reach and views that’ll help your grow faster.

Step 3
Take off: The key to getting momentum

Don't get stuck on the YouTube subscriber flatline. Get momentum and grow your channel.

Don’t get stuck on the YouTube subscriber flatline. Get momentum and grow your channel.

This session is the final but critical part to the Slingshot Strategy:

You’ll learn how you get your video(s) seen by more of your target audience without waiting around for YouTube’s algorithm to reward you.

You’ll avoid the trap so many businesses fall into – the exhausting content treadmill of posting video after video after video. And still they don’t grow their audience.

Meet your instructor for this exclusive training

Alex King - Your YouTube Ads Course Instructor

More than 22 years studying & practising marketing

4-year Degree in Marketingwith industry placement

Founder of Adzoola, as seen inUltimate Guide to Google Ads

Presented By: Alex King

Creator of the Video slingshot strategy for exponential YouTube channel growth

The impact of one video was nothing less than transformational…

In 2017 I had:

  • No prior knowledge in the market (it was not in the digital marketing space)
  • No big existing audience to kickstart views
  • No prior video / filming skills
  • No presenting skills (and I’m NOT a natural in front of the camera)

I created a brand new YouTube channel and took it to 150,000 views in 12 months.

With just one video.

But this wasn’t just about views…

The video generated visitors and sales too for the ecommerce business I made the video for.

That video is now at 932,000 views. Only 0.069% of YouTube videos achieve 1 million to 10 million views.

So, how did I it?

I call it The Slingshot Technique.

I have honed it over the years. As you can see from the results I showed you earlier on this page, it’s still a winning strategy.

Deploying the Slingshot Strategy can have a huge impact on your business because it grows your audience, your influence and your brand and you know brand recognition lifts sales.

Not just 932,000 views…
Not just website visitors & sales,

The video I made and used the Slingshot Strategy on was also licensed by Google and Samsung in their joint promotion phone ad

My video in the Google & Samsung ad

The opening scene of the joint Samsung and Google ad featured my video

AND also licensed by CBS licensed by CBS for use in Hawaii Five-0

My YouTube video in CBS show Hawaii Five-0

A scene in CBS TV show Hawaii Five-0 featured my video

I’m a ‘T-shaped’ marketer specialising in paid media – Google Ads in particular.

The Slingshot Strategy is the perfect example of the benefits of being good at more than one discipline and being very good at one.

I’ve been doing this since 2009. And I earned my stripes working with businesses where ROI was not optional. They needed to get a return quickly. If I couldn’t achieve it, they wouldn’t be a client any longer.

Most clients stayed for years. Some for 10+. Some left…

…then came back after others couldn’t achieve the same results.

Now I’m creating software (Adzoola) and training for marketers like you to get those kind of results for you or your clients.

Here’s what some of your fellow marketers are saying about The Slingshot Strategy and working with me in general still. I show you these not to brag but to show you the kind of person I am, so you know who you’re about to get training from…


We wouldn't have had the success on YouTube that we have now without Adzoola and The Slingshot Strategy. For sure.

– Christian from RedKettle (a specialist apparel, equipment and educational ecommerce store).

Achieved 7.5x increase in subscribers and 80x views in a short 40 days with the Slingshot Strategy.

Update: Christian’s subscribers are now up 35X from when he first applied the Slingshot Strategy (from 200 to over 7,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel).

I followed Alex's exact instructions... And lo and behold, within 2.5 weeks we had increased that video's views by 27%.

– Talia Wolf Conversion Rate Optimization expert. Founder of GetUplift. Speaker at Google, MozCon, SearchLove
Scott Walker says your rather obsessive focus on adding value is incredible

You’re 2 minutes away from unlocking your business’s success on YouTube

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Start running successful ads on YouTube for you or your roster of clients

Step 1

Join the training today to start your journey towards growing growing your or your clients’ audience, influence and sales on YouTube.

Step 2

Soak up the methodology and plan your own tailored route to results, in less than a week

Step 3

Start deploying the Slingshot Strategy on YouTube in your business or for your clients

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I may be new to you but I’m certainly not new to marketing – I’ve spent 22 years studying and practising it.

I’m British and as such I’m stereotypically averse to hyping myself up (this page was hard to write). But I do know what I’m talking about and can help people at almost every experience level.

But I understand if you’re unsure. So here’s how I’m making it an easy decision:

Apply the principles & training within 90 days, if your results aren’t better get a free consultation with me (worth $600).
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Frequently asked questions

Is this right for my agency / business?
If you’re in a market where prospects are reading or watching content to inform, educate or entertain themselves then yes it almost certainly works.

The examples I gave earlier on this page cover both B2B and B2C markets.

Types of businesses this can work really well in:

B2B – Service
B2B – SaaS
Courses / Education / Memberships
Affiliates (best if you’re building your own audience as an affiliate)


Do I need to have a YouTube channel with videos posted already?

While this training won’t start with the baby steps of creating your channel, the Slingshot Strategy will give you the knowledge and ability to grow a channel faster and bigger, no matter if you are just starting your journey on YouTube or you already have a big audience there.