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Here`s what you`ll discover on this exclusive video training:

3 Youtube Ad Examples that command impressions, clicks & sales… you’ll be able to ethically steal them, model them and scale them for your own account today

How to find and target the most profitable audiences on Youtube so you can get more clicks, conversions and sales (it’s way easier than you think)

The secret tool you can use to create super targeted campaigns that eliminates wasted ad spend so you can boost ROAS and results instantly

The counter-intuitive way to create campaigns from the start that make them insanely profitable (these simple frameworks can be setup in 15 minutes or less!)

Plus, you’ll also discover the benchmark guide and sweet spots for any campaign… CPV, CPC, CPM & CTRs so you know exactly when you’ve got a winning campaign on your hands

Presented By: Alex King

The Youtube & Google Ads King.

This limited time training is presented by the one and only Alex King. One of the OG Google Ads pioneers and has been managing ad accounts since 2008. He has an obsession for laser targeting and finding the perfect prospect and making sure every single advertising dollar is held accountable.

Alex now creates tools for media buyers to dominate the YouTube and Google Ads landscape. In this guided training, he’ll reveal 3 proven YouTube ads you can ethically steal to create YouTube marketing campaigns that scale.

Hear What Media Buyers From Around The World Say About Alex King`s Scaling Strategies

What media Buyers are saying

Alex is the founder of Adzoola. The #1 media buyer tool to find profitable audiences, placements & keywords to create competitor crushing campaigns.

Doug Westmoreland, CEO Viewpoints Global

“Research has gone from one day to 2 minutes (yes, that dramatic)”

Sped up the research phase and get client campaigns “live and out the door” faster

Smash targets quicker by fine-tuning the research process to unlock more relevant keyword results

Cut out the heavy lifting of research leaving his team free to focus on making more money for his clients (and himself!)

Den Kara, Optimal PPC

“I’m 2-3x more efficient which allows me to bring on more clients & scale”

Quickly find keywords other tools weren’t showing, and keywords that aren’t obvious and don’t contain the seed keyword!

Became 2-3x more efficient so he could bring on more clients and scale

Can do everything in one tool and quickly launch client campaigns

Chad Hamzeh, veteran eComm business owner

“Adzoola is a killer piece of software. It really sped up the time to get video placements and relevant keywords."

Increased view-through conversions by over 2,000% in a few months.

Ramped up ad spend by over 100% while maintaining a highly profitable ROI.

Massively decreased research time finding video placements and relevant keywords.

Ben Pang, Pang Digital

“I can find keywords & videos in 2-5 seconds, instead of hours… I was able to lower the cost per lead for my client by 25%

Reduced CPL by 25% for my clients, and can scale my agency

Fast track the hours of research to get more time back to focus on other things

Adzoola helps him to find new keywords he hadn’t thought of before

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The Fast Start Youtube Ad Creation Checklist’ (Valued at: 47$)

For a limited time, we’re also giving away our ‘Fast Start YouTube Ad Creation Checklist’. This will show you exactly how to craft a killer ad for your next campaign.

Simply follow the steps and you’ll be on to creating a winning ad without haemorrhaging traffic spend. It breaks down the exact plan and time stamps you must follow to create an ad that hooks your audience attention and gets them to convert.

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