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Unlock the power of YouTube ads with Adzoola:

#1 Set up high performing YouTube placement targeting campaigns using our video targeting tools

#2 Set up YouTube keyword targeting campaigns using our YouTube-specific keyword tool

#3 Create new audiences to target using our 6 other keyword tools and SERP research tool

Create cheaper and more profitable YouTube ad campaigns!

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“Highly useful when we’re building out YouTube ad campaigns”

Adzoola streamlines the process of looking at great keywords that we can test and target, as well as placements and channels that we can target.

Adzoola pulls it all together, making for easy searching, easy discovery, easy downloading to files that we can work with. Super useful.

Brett Curry

Brett Curry

YouTube Ads Expert
CEO of OMG Commerce
One of the top spending YouTube Ad agencies of their size

Here’s How Adzoola Can Help You Find Better Keywords & Placements

The Google Ads platform has limited ways to help you find relevant targeting for YouTube ads. That means everyone finds the same keywords and placements.

So we built a tool that helps you find keywords and placements no one else is using, so you can leverage that to create more profitable campaigns.

No more manual research. No more targeting the same audience everyone else is targeting

#1 – How You Can Find Better Placements – Without Hours of Manual Research

Find 100s of placements in seconds and start tapping into the suggested videos which have 3x more views but can’t be found in normal search results.
Find your target audience with Adzoola
Old Way

Still Manually Searching for YouTube Video Placements?

You need to find at least 1,000 videos for your placement targeting in order to find the most profitable audience…

Are you going to:
Spend 10s or 100s of hours finding them manually?
Be limited to search results (like everyone else)?
With Adzoola

Find 100s of Placements in Seconds

Just search for whatever placements you want to find and it will automatically show you both the search results and the suggested videos as well.

Find suggested videos (not just the ones that show up in normal search results)
Filter out videos that you don’t want to target
Export your list with 1-click!

#2 – Find Keywords No One Else Is Using!
(+ Steal Keywords Your Competitors Use)

Imagine if you had a Google keyword planner that has tools tailored for YouTube Ads, has more filters, can suggest more keywords and can even show you which keywords your competitors are ranking or paying for?
That’s EXACTLY what Adzoola can do for you.
Google Keyword Planner
☝️ What a pain to use this to find keywords
Old Way

Still Using Keyword Planner (Like Everyone Else)?

Hard to find
specific keywords
Not specific to
Everyone else finds the same keywords!
With Adzoola

Find More Keywords & Narrow Them Down Better

Keyword Ideas: long-tail, related, autocomplete suggestions for YouTube & Google
Search by category
Find Keywords competitors ranking for (organic and paid)

Find better keywords (convert better and costs you less)

#3 – That’s It! Get Better Results from YouTube Ads

That’s EXACTLY what Adzoola can do for you.
“Took my channel from 0 to 150,000 views in less than 12 months (and it’s more than doubled since then). More importantly it brought in sales”


Blue Eyes Bow Ties
From this 👇
More views from suggested videos after The Slingshot Technique
To this 👇
YouTube video title AMI headline score

1000s Are Already Using Adzoola as Their Secret Weapon for YT Ads, When Will You?

A Small Price to Pay to Create More Profitable Campaigns and Save Dozens of Hours in Research

Due to our powerful YouTube research tools, Adzoola will help you find keywords and placements your competitors aren’t using. You’ll do this in a fraction of the time it would take you to do manually or with other tools.


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That’s EXACTLY what Adzoola can do for you.

We’ll show you how:

How you can improve your YouTube Ad campaigns
How you can use Adzoola to save hours of your time doing mundane research
How to find audiences your competitors haven’t

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